Foods to Increase Your body weight

Many folks desire to lose weight, partially just want to put on pounds. This may produce the first party ‘jealous’. Although for those who are lanky, the program can be a problem. With no health care causes, lean folks use a rapid metabolic rate program, so it is from time to time extremely tough to allow them to improve the pounds.

There are lots of explanations why another person may want to put on pounds, which range from to raise the appearance, increase self-confidence, improve muscle, to help wellbeing causes. Intended for that they’re going to determine and also look at some of the solutions to put on pounds in a very nutritious way. It can be accurate that fizzy drinks include plenty of sugars and also a number of unhealthy foods will certainly put on pounds, yet definitely not great for the entire body in the long run.

The simplest way to put pounds is always to take in a wholesome -and normally, in addition to be aware of this unhealthy susu kambing etawa calories that enter in the human body.
Healthy food choices Product Pounds

Listed here are 10 food items that are able to start being active . pounds in a very nutritious way.

If you want to put on pounds, improve your current intake connected with red animal meat. For example, cheeseburger, which usually consists of plenty of protein and also metal. You want a substantial extra fat written content inside just about every slice. Moreover, additionally, there are ribs, ground beef lean beef, soups animal meat, portions connected with ground beef tenderloin, and so on. These foods are high in cholesterol, and is also appropriate for your needs.

Replace your current dairy having take advantage of. In particular for those who are exactly who utilized to eat read over dairy (non-fat). You have to assist don pounds. Moreover, genuine cow’s dairy is extremely nutritious, specially supplement A and also supplement Debbie. Luckily, you should use dairy in lots of ways just like mencapurnya having cereal, helping, or even as some sort of goblet connected with dairy to help beverage. If you’re used to sipping java, use take advantage of as creamernya.

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Peanut butter can be filled with protein and also extra fat, so it is appropriate for those who desire to put on pounds. 1 tablespoon connected with peanut butter consists of 100 unhealthy calories and also several grams connected with protein. Other than peanut butter: Containing more folate, magnesium, e vitamin and also supplement B3. You possibly can enjoy it with the breads or even helping.

Gout pain

Gout pain may outcome as a result of substantial degrees of the crystals in the our blood. To be able to triumph over the particular degrees of the crystals in the our blood that is substantial you are to diet regime. Read: Foods For Gout symptoms Individuals

Acknowledge Purin
Purine can be 1 important take into account the body that can produce strength and necessary protein. Your substances in the cells individuals physique and hails from the meals we consume. Purine is really a byproduct involving the crystals.

Therefore, to stop gout pain, we are able to swap into a low-purine ingredients. Even as saw earlier of which, the crystals comes from the particular break down involving purines which usually comes from each of our foodstuff.

A new gout pain victims should certainly low purine ingredients to be able to reduce the crystals levels in the our blood. Read also: Balanced Life style Tricks for Enhancing Health-related High quality all of us

Foods to stop
A number of the ingredients to be averted are generally:

Junk red-colored beef
Meats, hen, and some seafoods. Furthermore, you should avoid
Alcohol consumption such as beer, and some varieties of refreshments as well as ingredients containing alcoholic beverages all it is just a lead to gout pain.

Low-purine ingredients
Here is a list of many of the low-purine ingredients that have these individuals are generally:

Low-fat milk
Wine beverage

This method can be the simplest way to handle the particular degrees of the crystals in the our blood. When you consistently avoid ingredients of which lead to gout pain, and switching to balanced diet diet regime may reduce degrees of the crystals in the our blood frequently, you might before long feel the consequence.


gendhing JAVAEach type of the piece of Java in the art of gamelan (musical) have certain techniques and how to play it. One of them is the technique and how to hit the gamelan in the piece manifold launch, is as follows.
1. Bonang barung
Techniques barung bonang game is Gembyang (the same play two tones together). Placement of a game that is right tone in tone anara balungan. Reference tone of the game is the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th.
2. Bonang successor
Bonang game techniques successor is Gembyang with double speed of the bonang barung. Placement of a game that is right tone in tone anara balungan and barung bonang game. One tone balungan there are two tones bonang successor.
3. Kempul
Where the fall kempul tone is tone 3rd, 5th and 7th. Reference tone is nad 4th and 8th.
4. Kenong
Where the fall kenong tone is the tone of the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th. Reference tone of the game is the 4th and 8th.

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JAVA GAMELANAs with any other art or culture, Javanese gamelan in its development also undergo changes. Changes occur in the way pembuatanya, while developments concerning quality. Javanese gamelan ownership ageng first confined to the palace. Now, anyone interested can have it all Javanese gamelan not included in the category of inheritance (Timbul Haryono, 2001).
A complete gamelan have approximately 72 tools and can be played by a musician (drummer), accompanied by 10-15 pesinden and or Gerong. Its structure is mainly composed of the tools at or tetabuhan made of metal. Other tools such as drums, fiddle (stringed instrument), which is a kind xylophon with xylophone-blade wooden slats and wire plucked string instrument called zither or celepung.
Type gendhing in Javanese gamelan can be grouped into two parts, namely:
1. GENERAL gendhing
(A) Gangsaran
There are 8 thutukan balungan, 3 kempulan, 4 kenongan, and wasps gong always accompanied by kenong.
(B) Sampak
One gong there are 8, 12, 16 thuthukan balungan, every four thuthukan balungan called 1 gatra. Kethuk sounded on the sidelines of the tone, kenong sounded along with kethuk and in tune and take the last note of each gatra. Kempul sounded right on tune, the wasp accompaniment of dance / puppet, gong falls on every mistake drums.
(C) Srepeg
Kethuk beating the count of odd tone or tones ding, kenong beating on each count even and always take the last note in each gatra, kempul beating last notes on each gatra, number thuthukan tida balungan on any particular gong, except by sentence also according pathet song and also according to kendhang mistake.
(D) Sift-sieve
Kethuk ditabuh between wasp kenong and kempul, kenong dhong tone sounded in the small and the large dhong the tone took a last note on each gatra, kempul sounded in every major dhong or at the end gatra, gong sounded at the end of each sentence a song, for ayak- ayakn pathet Manyura, wasp kempul Dianti with the beat of gongs suwukan. Only in the end use wasps big gong.
(E) Kumuda
Kethuk sounded in every tone dhing, kenong beating on each dhong gatra, kempul sounded in every 2 gatra, gong dtabuh at each end of the song, the kumuda 1 there are two wasps hornets kenong kethuk.
(F) Lancaran
One gong there are 4 gatra, kthuk housed in tone or on any count dhing odd, kenong housed in each dhong gatra, his tone always megambil dhong tone gatra, kempul housed in small dhong tone and a gong only 3 wasps kempul. Kempulan first emptied.
(G) Ketawang
One gong consists of 16 thuthukan balungan or 4 gatra, kempyang housed in hitunga odd or dhingnya, kethuk dhog housed in small or in between sla kempyang, kenong housed gatra padanada end of the 2nd and 4th, kempul located at the end of the tone gatra the 3rd.
(H) Ladrang
One gong consists of 32 thuthukan balungan AAU consists of 8 gatra, kempyang housed in dhing tone, kethuk dhong housed in small or enclosed by kempyang kenong gatra located at the end of which is even, kempul gatra located at the end of the 3rd, 5th, and 7th.

2. SPECIAL gendhing
(A) Merong
o Merong kethuk 2 Kerep
One kenongan contains 4 gatra, a gong contains 4 kenongan, one kenongan contains 2 wasp kethuk and took on the tone of the end of the first and third gatra, without using wasp kempul, and also kempyang.
o Merong kethuk 2 charcoal
One kenongan contains 8 gatra, cypress gong contains 4 kenongan, one kenongan contains 2 wasp kethuk and housed at the end of the tone gatra kdua and kee? Am, without using wasp kempul and also kempyang.
o Merong kethuk 4 Kerep
One enongan contains 8 gatra, a gong contains 4 kenongan, one kenongan contains 4 kethukan and its place at the end of the tone gatra first, third, fifth, and seventh, without the wasp uses the kempul and also kempyang.
o Merong kethuk 4 charcoal
One kenongan contains 16 gatra, a gong contains 4 kenongan, one kenongan contains 4 kethukan and its place at the end of the tone gatra keda, sixth, tenth and fourteenth, without using wasp kempul and also kempyang.
o Merong kethuk 8 Kerep
One kenongan contains 32 gatra, a gong contains 4 kenongan, one kenongan contains 8 kethukan and located at the end of the tone gatra first, third, fifth, seventh, ninth, eleventh, thirteenth, and fifteenth.
(B) Ingah
o inggih kethuk 4
One gong consists of 4 kenongan, one kenongan Consist 4 gatra, kempyang betempat on dhing tone or odd count, one kenongan there are 4 wasps kethuk, and kethuk is housed in a small dhong tone on each gatra, without wasps kempul.
o inggih kethuk 8
One kenongan contains 8 gatra, a gong contains 4 kenongan.
o inggih kethuk 16
One kenongan consists of 16 gatra, a gong contains 4 kenongan.

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GamelanJavanese culture after prehistory entering a new era that is a time when the culture from the outside-in this case the Indian culture began to take effect. Javanese culture began to enter the era of history that is characterized by a system of writing in public life. Viewed from a historical perspective for the period between the late fifteenth century AD Vill to Javanese culture, got enrichment elements of Indian culture. Seems elements of Indian culture can also be seen in the art such as gamelan and dance. Java transformation to the musical culture through the Hindu-Buddhist.
The data on the existence of gamelan found in the source verbal sources – written source in the form of inscriptions and literary books that come from the Hindu-Buddhist and pictorial sources in the form of reliefs carved on the temple either on temples from the age of Central Java classic (7th century until the 10th century) and temples dating from the classical East Java younger (11th century until century ke¬15) (Haryono, 1985).
In written sources the East Javanese gamelan ensemble group is said to be “tabeh – tabehan” (the new Java language ‘percussion’ or ‘drumming’ which means everything sounded with beaten or struck).
Zoetmulder explains the word “Gamel” with the percussion instrument musical instrument that is struck (1982). In the Java language there is a word “trash” which means ‘bat’. In the language of Bali there is the term ‘gambelan’ which then may become the term ‘gamelan’. The term ‘gamelan’ has been mentioned in connection with music. Namur in Kadiri period (around the 13th century AD), a music expert Judith Becker even say that the word ‘gamelan’ is derived from the name of a minister of Burma and an iron named Gumlao.
If Becker’s opinion is true, of course, the term ‘gamelan’ also found in Burma or in some areas in mainland Southeast Asia, but it did not.
In some parts of the wall 17 Borobudur temple can be seen types of gamelan instruments are: drums roped are worn around the neck, drum shaped like a pot, zither and harp, cymbals, flute, saron, xylophone. At the temple Lara Jonggrang (Prambanan) can be seen relief image drum cylindrical, convex drums, drum shape stoneware, cymbals (kècèr), and distilled.
Relief image of gamelan instruments in temples time East Java can be found in the temple Jago (-13 th century AD) in the form of a stringed musical instrument: the long-necked lute and zither. While at the temple Ngrimbi (century – 13 AD) there is relief reyong (two bonang pencon). While the big gong reliefs found in Kedaton temple (14th century AD), and cylindrical drums in the temple Tegawangi (14th century AD). In the main temple Panataran (14th century AD) there is relief gong, bendhe, kemanak, similar drums drums; and on the terrace pandapa relief xylophone, reyong, and cymbals. Relief bendhe and trumpet there in Sukuh (15th century AD).
Based on the data on the relief and literary books obtained a clue that there are at least Indian influence on the existence of some kind of Javanese gamelan. The existence of music in India very closely with religious activity. Music is an important element in religious ceremonies (Koentjaraningrat, 1985: 42-45).
In some Indian literary books such as the book of Natya Sastra art of music and dance work for ceremonial activities. religious (Vatsyayan, 1968). Overall the music group in India called ‘vaditra’, which are grouped into five classes, namely: governance (stringed musical instrument), begat (stringed musical instrument), sushira (brass instruments), Dhola (drums), Ghana (percussion instrument) , Other groupings are:
1. Avanaddha vadya, the sound produced by the vibration of the skin membrane from being hit.
2. Ghana vadya, the sound produced by the vibration of the instrument itself.
3. Sushira vadya, the sound produced by the vibration of air to be blown.
4. Tata vadya, the sound produced by the vibration of the strings are plucked or bowed.
The classification can be equated with membranophone (Avanaddha vadya), ideofon (Ghana vadya), aerofon (sushira vadya), kordofon (grammar vadya). The rhythm of music in India called “laya” standardized by using the pattern ‘tuning’ is done with drums. The rhythms are grouped into: druta (fast), madhya (medium), and vilambita (slow).


karawitanComes from the Javanese gamelan, ‘pepper’ which means complicated, convoluted, but the pepper also means smooth, beautiful, sinuous and tasty. Javanese word ‘musical’ in particular is used to refer to gamelan music, Indonesian music that applying non-diatonic tones (in slendro and pelog) the claim-garapannya use notation system, timbre, rhythm, has the function, pathet and working on the rules in the form of grain instrumental, Vokalia and beautiful mixture heard.
Is a musical sound art both vocal and instrumental areas that have clarification and development of the region itself. Musicians were divided into three groups, namely:
1. Karawitan Sekar
Karawitan sekar is one art form in its presentation prefer the vocal element or a human voice.
2. Karawitan Gendhing
The piece is a musical art form in its presentation prefer the instrumental elements or instruments.
3. Karawitan Sekar Gendhing
Karawitan sekar gendhing is one art form in its presentation contained a combination of musical elements and musical sekar the piece.

Musical arts are generally taught in primary schools in Central Java as the local content is musical sekar the piece. In addition to attention to agility play gamelan musical instruments, also accompanied by the singing skills of Java to create a musical performance.


Musical artsJavanese gamelan is a set of musical instrument as a statement that is often referred to as musicians. Javanese gamelan particular word is used to refer to gamelan music, Indonesian music that applying non-diatonic tones (in slendro and pelog) the claim-garapannya use notation system, timbre, rhythm, has the function, pathet and rules in the form of present working on an instrumentalist, vocalist and a wonderful mix heard.

Art Javanese gamelan contains historical values ??and philosophical to the Indonesian people. It was said, because the Javanese gamelan is one of the cultural arts siwariskan by its predecessor and still much-loved and occupied. By hypothesis, the Java community before the Hindu influence had known ten expertise, such as puppets and gamelan.
Javanese gamelan ownership ageng first confined to the palace. Now, anyone interested can have it all instead of gamelan Javanese heritage category (Occur Haryono, 2001). Philosophically Javanese gamelan is an integral part of the lives of the Java community. It demikaian caused Javanese philosophy of life society with regard to cultural arts in the form of Javanese gamelan as well as closely related to the development of the religion espoused.
The term gamelan has long been known in Indonesia, has called on some ancient Javanese kakawin. Meaning of the word gamelan, until now still in the allegations. May also occur from a shift gamelan word or development of said trash. Hobo is a tool untauk hit. Because of the way the instrument rang with the pounding. Goods are often beaten his name blow, goods are often diketok name is pounding or gong, the goods are often digembal name gembelan.
Gembelan word is shifted or evolved into gamelan. Perhaps also because of the way it is made of bronze gamelan pounded or hammered or digembel, the objects are often made by digembel name gembelan, objects that are often collected kempelan-collect his name and so on gembelan develop into gamelan. In other words gamelan is an object result from the object-tangled digembel or pounded (Trimanto, 1984).
For the Javanese gamelan has an aesthetic function related to social values, moral and spiritual. We should be proud to have a traditional art tools gamelan. Gamelan grandeur obviously there. The world also recognize that gamelan is a traditional musical instrument which can compensate eastern western instruments that are large.
In the atmosphere however gamelan have a place in people’s hearts. Gamelan can be used to educate one’s sense of beauty. People who are commonly involved in the musical world, a sense of solidarity grew, scolds subtle courtesies, polite behavior. All because of one’s soul becomes as smooth as the piece-the piece (Trimanto, 1984).
Therefore, it is appropriate that elementary school-elementary school in Central Java implement musical arts as a local content subject matter. Because the school is the most strategic place to introduce the cultural arts to students, so that a very significant legacy that persists until the next generation. In order for us to have pride in their own culture.

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CHILD IDENTIFICATIONChildren with special needs need to be known and identified from a group of children in general, because they require specific services. The service aims to help children with special needs reduce limitations in social life. In order to identify (find) a child with special needs, requires knowledge of various types and levels of organic and functional disorders of children with symptoms that can be observed daily. In connection with it, then prepared a tool for identification of children with special needs in the form kelimat questions about symptoms seen in children in daily life. By means of this identification, it can simply be concluded whether a person is classified as children with special needs or not.

Identification is an attempt to identify or locate children with special needs in accordance with the existing characteristics. Identification is performed to identify the presence of children with special needs in elementary oriented traits or characteristics that exist in a child include the following.
1. Physical Condition
Include the presence of overall physical condition (limbs) and the condition of the senses of a child, both organically and functionally, whether existing conditions affecting the function or not.
2. Intellectual Ability
Include a child’s ability to carry out academic tasks at school.
3. Communication Skills
Includes the ability of a child to understand and express ideas in interacting on the surrounding environment, both orally and in writing.
4. Social Emotional
Social activities undertaken include a child interaction activities with friends or with the teacher as well as the behavior displayed in their daily interactions.
There are several techniques in general identification, which allows teachers to do it yourself at school. Such techniques are as follows.
1. Observation
Observation is a way of collecting data by conducting direct observation of an object in a given period and held ecara systematic recording of certain things were observed, including children with special needs.
Based on the situation observed, the observation can be divided into:
a. Direct observation, made directly to students in the natural environment in daily activities.
b. Direct observation was carried out by creating a desirable condition for observation.
Based pengobservasi involvement, observation debedakan be:
a. Participants, that is, those who do take part in the observation of the situation observed.
b. Nonparticipant, that is, those who made observations are beyond the situation that is being observed, so as not to arouse suspicion goal for children who are observed.
2. Interview
The interview is a way of collecting data by asking the questions orally to the data source, and data sources provide answers orally. Teachers can conduct interviews of students, families, parents, friends seperrmainan, or other parties that it is possible to provide additional information regarding the whereabouts of these students.
3. Tests
The test is a way to make an assessment in the form of a task that must be done by children, which will result in a value on the ability or behavior of the child. To identify children with special needs tests can be done in the form of deed or written. In this case in the form of teacher-made tests themselves.
4. Psychological tests
Psychological tests are tests that are very popular and are often used in an effort to identify children with special needs, because it has an accuracy of better than teacher-made tests, test execution time is shorter, and can predict what is going to happen in children’s learning in the next stage. To see the level of intelligence of a child, psychological testing is one of the more objective instruments and their validity tested. Psychological tests are not only limited to intelligence tests, but also used to determine personality, behavior, and someone special talent.

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Infiniti will soon play at home!

The Nissan announced plans to introduce its premium Infiniti subsidiary in Japan to meet growing demand for high-end vehicles. The Nikkei local media said that the manufacturer has taken the decision to compete in the best Germans BMW, Audi and Mercedes and 2015 Lincoln navigator.

q50 infiniti

The debut of Infiniti will be home this winter with the Skyline, which we know in Europe and the United States under the name Q50 (photo), which will be assembled at a plant in Tochigi Prefecture.

The models will be sold through the Nissan network. There are currently no plans to open Infiniti dealerships in the country of the rising sun.
Profits up

With this launch Infiniti in Japan, Nissan plans to increase the profits of its premium brand of 7% at the end of a full year, in March, 2014.

For the record, the premium brand had started marketing it in 1989 in the United States, before expanding in many countries worldwide, including France in 2008, at the Paris Motor Show. A few months before that, the Japanese presented his surprising FX SUV in Geneva. It now plans to build a future model in Europe in 2015. This will be compact Q30, which will be assembled at the UK plant in Sunderland.

Still Reluctant this reason Lamborghini LP 910-4 Asterion Market

The Italian super car manufacturer, Lamborghini officially introduces one of their latest variant, the Lamborghini LP 910-4 Asterion in conjunction with the mat dihelatnya grand Paris Motor Show (PMS) 2014 Lamborghini LP 910-4 Asterion immediately seize the attention of visitors this year PMS .

Lamborghini LP 910-4

It was reasoned, because Asterion Lamborghini LP 910-4 Lamborghini is a response on the steps of their competitors who had previously entered into a hybrid supercar class.

But unfortunately, the car in the sieve-sieve as LaFerrari rival Ferrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder is not a model that is ready produksi.Menanggapi that Chief Executive Officer of Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann, said, Asterion which uses a battery weighing 150 kilograms was ideal for be a hybrid supercar ready for market.

“It (Asterion) does not mean to be paved. The acceleration and good speed, but its handling can be defeated competitors. This is more than a super-large ships,” said Winkelmann.

Furthermore, he added, “I strongly believe that this will not be produced,” he added.

Winkelmann was confirmed, a number that was carried Asterion technology could pave the way manufacturers in creating a model of the Lamborghini SUV. Well if used as a supercar, the car must first have a light weight. This vehicle is less relevan.Walau so, according to Winkelmann said it would not rule out the possibility that consumers want to buy Asterion. But the car will be sold with a number of adjustments including pacunya space.

“If someone want it, maybe we could make one unit. But not with hybrid drive. The car will be packed with a V12 engine of the Aventador,” concluded Winkelmann.